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About Megan

I am currently a Graduate Student at Augusta University working on my M. Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and previously earned my bachelor’s in social work (BSW) at Augusta University as well. I am continually looking for ways to better inform myself on the transgender community and the neurodivergent community, so I can be the best helper that I can be as well as become a more active advocate. When you meet with me you will be 

welcomed with openness, respect, and in a judgment free safe space.  

My Style

Some techniques I use are meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, music therapy, movement 

therapy. There are groups I am interested in doing if there is enough support to include life skills, mindfulness, yoga, and board games. I am also looking to train and certify my dog to do Animal Assisted Therapy with me and take her to nursing homes and hospitals for therapeutic care.  

My Story

In my free time I enjoy playing both board and video games with my husband and friends. Board games I enjoy include party games and strategy games such as Quelf, Pandemic, Cards Against Humanity, and the Villainous series. Video games I enjoy are ones that are co-op, creative and party games such as Mario Party, Mario Kart, It Takes Two, and Minecraft.  I also have a puppy who I train in my free time and being that she is a momma’s girl she occasionally will follow me into the office and chill as I work. Our puppy is a long hair chihuahua named Eri after a character in one of our favorite anime that my husband and I watch. I also enjoy watching 80’s rom-coms and sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies. 

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