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Male Portrait

Intake Appointment

Intake appointments usually last 60-90 minutes.

Melinda: $150

Monica: $125

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Virtual Gaming Group
$20 a session

Model with Green Hair

Autism Evaluations

Comprehensive autism evaluations for adolescents and adults using an ND affirming sensory-based approach.  

*Not intended for use for disability determinations.*  

Adults: $1000

Adolescents: $1500

Back with Tattoos

Individual Therapy

Under 45 minutes -

Both: $80.00

45-52 minutes -

Melinda: $120.00

Monica: $100.00

53+ minutes -

Melinda: $140.00

Monica: $120.00

Typical sessions will be 45-52 minutes long.

Studying Online

Clinical Supervision

Contact for more information.

Hair Model

Gender Affirming Care Letters

Letter appointments and letter writing for gender affirming care are free of charge. 

Man on Mobile Phone

Phone Check Ins

Sometimes clients benefit from brief scheduled check ins between appointments either for accountability needs or to provide additional support.  

5-20 minutes: $14-$54

Pink Sugar

*We do not bill insurance.

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