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Flowers and Tranparency

Now Hiring!

Nurturing Divergence Counseling and Wellness LLC is looking to hire a mental health counselor as a 1099 who is licensed in the states of SC, GA or KS.  If clinical supervision is needed, then counselor must be working in GA.  Compensation rates start at 60/40.  If independently licensed, then licensure does not have be of professional counselor. 

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What we are looking for:

A counselor who is: 

-knowledgeable and affirming of neurodivergence & LGBTQIA experiences

-willing to write gender affirming care letters for free (training provided if needed)

-sex-positive/kink-informed/relationship structure affirming

-willing to work virtually and start out small and build from there (so already have a primary source of income)

-aligned with the values of NDCW

Calculate Savings

Benefits include

-records management system

-some CEU reimbursement

-free supervision where appropriate with licensure

-some marketing provided

-payment processing system

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