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FAQ: Gender Affirming Care Letters

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Is it really free?

Yes!  The appointment, letter writing, and any necessary letter revisions are free.  

How does the process of getting a letter work? 

Once you reach out and we plan an appointment, my electronic medical records system will send you paperwork- informed consents, demographics form (e. g. your birthdate, address etc), a gender interview, and an intake form.   I also ask for a screenshot or link to your insurance's requirements (if you will billing insurance for your HRT or surgery care).  I will review the paperwork and contact the provider's office for any additional letter requirements if needed.  Then we meet for the gender affirming care letter appointment which can vary in length.  After the appointment, I will write the letter and allow you to review in case any edits or additions are needed.  Once I receive your approval, I sign the letter and we get it to the provider!

What is the gender interview form and do I have to fill it out?

The gender interview form covers most of the information that insurances and/or providers ask to have included in their letters.  You do not have to fill out the form if you would prefer to discuss the answers during our appointment.  The form is sent for those who feel more comfortable discussing their gender journey in writing than speaking.  

Why am I filling out an intake form if I am only doing a letter appointment? 

Part of the letter requirements of many providers and insurances include questions about your medical history and support systems.  Filling out the intake form helps me identify areas that may be important for me to include in the letter. For example, surgeons will want to know if you have medication allergies or take medications. The intake form also helps me identify if there are any resources that might be helpful for navigating affirming healthcare during your gender journey.  

What can I expect during the appointment?

During the appointment we will review the paperwork and the requirements for the insurance and provider.  Often people find the topic of dysphoria uncomfortable.  Understandable! I do my best to keep you from having to repeat yourself or go over details that are not applicable to the letter.  I will also ask you to review your understanding of the procedure or HRT, the risks, and the benefits of the procedure or HRT.  This allows me to indicate that you are providing informed consent.  You can't consent to something if you don't have the information to know what you are consenting to!  

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